DIM-hypotesen. Under en begränsad tid så kommer Peikoffs föreläsningar om DIM-hypotesen att finnas tillgänglig på Ayn Rand institutets hemsida. Som vanligt är allt som krävs att man registrerar sig som besökare, men det kostar ingenting. Jag har inte hört den, men ska börja med det nu. Hoppas den är bra!

Lite om kursen:

This 15-session course—part lecture, part discussion—was presented live to a worldwide audience by phone and on the Internet. It is based on Dr. Peikoff’s ”The DIM Hypothesis” (book-in-progress), in which he looks at the role of integration in the culture and in practical life.

This course explains and explores Dr. Peikoff’s new DIM hypothesis, applying it to ten different cultural areas, as listed in the course outline. The hypothesis identifies and distinguishes three types of mind: the mind characterized by I (Integration); by D (Disintegration); or by M (Misintegration). In the sessions Dr. Peikoff points out how all of the influential movements in the areas included reflect—and could only have been created by—one or another of these three mind sets. If enhancing your understanding of today’s world and of where we are heading is an important concern of yours, Dr. Peikoff believes that you will find a DIM perspective on events to be of significant value.

As Dr. Peikoff recently explained: ”[M]y thesis is that the dominant trends in every key area can be defined by their leaders’ policy toward integration: they are against it (Disintegration, D); they are for it, if it conforms to reality (Integration, I); they are for it, if it conforms to a superior reality (Misintegration, M).”



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